Overview for retro

Chrono Trigger - The Cathedral

3dmodelling videogames unreal ue4 retro chronotrigger square

Scenes from Chrono Trigger created in Unreal Engine 4

Image to Obj tool

3dmodelling pixel retro tool 8bit 3d programming

A tool to create .obj meshes based on the pixels in an image

ティキ the Kiwi

3dmodelling character substance retro kiwi tiki

A 3D model of Tiki the Kiwi from Taito's NewZealand Story

Optimus Prime G1

3dprinting airbrushing painting retro cartoons

A first Generation Optimus Prime print and paint

Custom Poly Pockets

3dmodelling 3dprinting toys retro

A 3D Printed set of custom Poly Pockets