Overview for programming

RizomUV Bridge for 3ds Max

3dmodelling tool 3d programming uvmapping rizomuv

A tool to bridge workflows between 3ds Max and RizomUV

Image to Obj tool

3dmodelling pixel retro tool 8bit 3d programming

A tool to create .obj meshes based on the pixels in an image

3D Studio Max Unrobotic Unreal Engine toolset: 3. The Export Node

Getting your art into UE4 with the Export Node

3D Studio Max Unrobotic Unreal Engine toolset: 4. UE4 World

Transferring Levels between Max and UE4

MOTHER - Day time darkness

programming smarthouse sensors

Ponderings on how to handle dark days in a dark hallway.

MOTHER - What is it?

smarthouse programming graphicdesign art

Named after the Weyland Yutani computer system that powered the Nostromo in Goldsmith's 'Alien' movie, MOTHER is a smart home project I've been working on and off on for the past few years.